Doctor Arrogance

Coming to Audio, Kindle, and Paperback on July 25th

I don’t need a man in my life to be happy…
What I need? A vacation.
Vitamin Sea? Yes please!

The charming, handsome stranger sitting next to me on the plane talking all the way to paradise? Perfect start to this trip. I can resist him and his smoldering looks, killer smile and confident attitude.

Until I figure out that he’s my neighbor at the resort. His washboard abs and that perfect V…I don’t think I can resist him for a whole week.

Giving in to temptation is easy, the souvenir he leaves me with? Not so much.

What happens when the thrill of paradise is washed away?

Will he go or can I convince him to stay?

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The Chase

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

When I first met Dante, he was tall, dark, and mysterious, not like the other guys he was with. He came over, we talked, made plans to meet up after lights out. One thing led to another and I was ducking out of his hotel room in the early morning light.

The baby he wants nothing to do with and I will be just fine.
C’est la vie, his loss.

When my parents kicked me out of their house, I found myself on my cousin’s doorstep. She quickly put me on the fast track to chase my dream job, what’s better than traveling the country with my daughter doing what I love right?

Maybe my luck is changing for the better…

Until I meet my new client, he’s not so new to me. I am very familiar with those washboard abs, those deep brown eyes and his sexy, smoldering smile…
My luck is about to run out having to deal with him all the time. Because not only am I his new publicist, we are also sharing traveling accommodations.
Can we figure out how to play nice or will the chase be too much to handle? 


Second Time Around

He never thought he’d love again. She’s reeling from betrayal. When an unexpected encounter leads to fiery passion, is it too hot for forever?


Jaxson Brentwood is so broken inside. Losing his wife in a terrible accident, the successful construction business owner was left to raise their twin girls all alone. But when a striking woman falls into his lap, the self-made man can’t shake her out of his heart…


Kellie was sure she had everything. But after catching her fiancé with one of the bridesmaids, the free-spirited force of nature feels she has nothing left. But after an uncharacteristic one-night stand with a panty-melting widowed single dad, she can’t help but wonder if she was chasing the wrong dream. As Jaxson warily lets down his guard to the whirlwind lover restoring his soul, he worries he’s cheating on his late wife. And though Kellie never felt so complete, she fears their blazing, opposites-attract chemistry might flame out and blow up any chance she has for lasting joy.


Will this haunted couple dare to open their future to a passionate happily ever after?


Second Time Around is the luscious first book in the Finding our Forever contemporary romance series. If you like hunky heroes, feisty women, and steamy open-door action, then you’ll adore Alandra Knight’s scorching tale.


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Handcuffed to You

Xander Brentwood is practically the poster boy for "tall, dark, and handsome." Standing 6'3", with washboard abs and the biggest, brownest eyes I've ever seen, he's become the leading man in all my heated, torrid dreams of late.

I know him, but I don’t know how I know him.
I wish I could remember.

But my memory isn’t what it used to be - not after surviving a fiery tragedy four years ago. I don't remember a second of it - but the accident changed my life forever, claimed the life of my unborn baby, and robbed me of every worthwhile memory I had. 

Even my memories of him.
But now that I'm around this gorgeous, hard-working single dad, I feel the ghost of a barely-remembered something hanging like a forgotten thread - threatening to unravel both our lives if I keep tugging at it.
But you can't hide the truth forever - and now that it emerges, I’ve come to wonder if everything else I've been ‘taught’ to remember since the accident might also be a lie. The only thing I am sure of is Xander - and that I’m handcuffed to this man in more ways than one. 
But how can I let myself disrespect the memory of my best friend by falling for her widowed husband?
Handcuffed to You is the second book in Alandra Knight's heart wrenching Finding Our Forever series - beautifully crafted and emotionally intense tales of true love conquering impossible odds.


Stacked Against Us

From the moment I first saw Trent Brentwood, I knew I was screwed - literally. 

He's hot as sin, his tongue game rivals that of all other men on the planet, and he strikes the perfect balance between tough, successful businessman and loving, attentive father. Our chemistry is off the charts-I’m addicted.

But as much as I crave him, I’m having trouble seeing a place for myself in Trent’s close-knit family dynamic - one that he and his brothers were forced to build for themselves after a shared tragedy changed everything four years earlier. 

Not to mention, with my dark past - one inextricably entwined with his. If I reveal the whole truth, I’m terrified of losing Trent forever, and that is a risk I don’t want to take. But when a sinister figure from our past reappears on Trent’s doorstep, I’m forced to face that darkness - whether I want to or not. 

With this toxic new arrival trying to move in on what’s mine, I feel like my back is against the wall. The odds aren’t in our favor, but there’s nothing I won’t do to rise to the challenge and protect Trent and his daughters, and keep what’s mine - but can our relationship survive all that’s stacked against us? 


Let Me Love You More

One look at Liam Brentwood, and I knew he'd be the kind of mistake I wouldn't regret making. 

On a girl's night out, he serves me a sinfully seductive cocktail right when I needed one most - and since that night, images of his toned muscles and hug-him-right jeans haven't left my late night fantasies.

But Liam is off limits even if I was interested in dating again - which I'm not. 

I've got enough on my plate balancing a career and the needs of my two medically-challenged children - not to mention I'm still nursing the wounds from my failed marriage.

But my heart's about as obedient as my defiant son, and it’s pleading with me to let his calm soothe the storm that rages deep within me. Open my heart back up and give into him and the possibility of love...

...but when my drama-loving ex-husband reenters the scene, the consequences of his actions puts both our families in turmoil. With loyalties tested, Liam and I have to decide if we have the courage to risk it all for a shot at love.

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Need for Therapy

What would you do if the one who got away suddenly showed up on your doorstep with nowhere else to go? Would you turn her away? Or would you welcome her with open arms?

When Asked to meet our closest friends for their pre-wedding festivities, my ex and I leave town a few days early just to get away. Campfires, cold beverages, and oversized hoodies proved to be a raw form of therapy neither of us were prepared for, especially when sparks start to fly between us and reignite our old flame. Can wounds from the past ever truly heal? Or will we find there’s no such thing as second chances?