Tis the season for Christmas music
We need a new high school music teacher...just not HER

Serenity-flighty as hell-Rivers
The only girl I was in love with enough to make beautiful soul felt music with, I really thought we’d grow old together.
Until she did a number one hit on my heart and hightailed it out of town without so much as a goodbye, taking the song in my heart with her.


Now she's back and it's going to take a Christmas miracle to avoid her considering we've been chosen as Co directors for this year's school Christmas program.
I can do this as long as I get lost in the music and lyrics and ignore the heart playing that familiar Christmas Love song.

Will the song help us remember our love or are we way off key this time?


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I haven’t always been the grinch of Christmas. 

I used to love everything about the season. For me it was full of magical wishes and passionate mistletoe kisses.


Until I caught my fiancé balls deep in my assistant at one of the biggest parties of my career. This season can jump into the open fire with the chestnuts. Down on my luck and the next book in my best-selling series rapidly approaching.


My boss decides to kidnap me to his slice of paradise in attempts to break my writer’s block. The problem? He is fully grown in more ways than one, and I am not sure I trust myself with him. I start thinking that maybe we could save Santa the trip and cause a little mistletoe mischief.

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I don’t need a man in my life to be happy…
What I need? A vacation.

Vitamin Sea? Yes, please!

The charming, handsome stranger sitting next to me on the plane talking all the way to paradise? Perfect start to this trip. I can resist him and his smoldering looks, killer smile and confident attitude.

Until I figure out that he’s my neighbor at the resort. His washboard abs and that perfect V…I don’t think I can resist him for a whole week.
Giving in to temptation is easy. The souvenir he leaves me with? Not so much.

What happens when the thrill of paradise is washed away?
Will he go, or can I convince him to stay?

Doctor Arrogance.jpg

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What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

When I first met Dante, he was tall, dark, and mysterious, not like the other guys he was with. He came over, we talked, made plans to meet up after lights out. One thing led to another and I was ducking out of his hotel room in the early morning light.

The baby he wants nothing to do with and I will be just fine.

C’est la vie, his loss.

When my parents kicked me out of their house, I found myself on my cousin’s doorstep. She quickly put me on the fast track to chase my dream job, what’s better than traveling the country with my daughter doing what I love right?

Maybe my luck is changing for the better…

Until I meet my new client, he’s not so new to me. I am very familiar with those washboard abs, those deep brown eyes and his sexy, smoldering smile…

My luck is about to run out having to deal with him all the time. Because not only am I his new publicist, we are also sharing traveling accommodations.

Can we figure out how to play nice or will the chase be too much to handle?

the chase .jpg

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Nothing tops a little outdoor therapy, Campfires, cold beverages, and oversized hoodies, best friends. Doesn’t get better than this right?

Unless your ex-girlfriend who is also you business partner is your traveling companion.

Dani, my heart, my soul, my one true love…

The girl next door who completely shattered my heart.

When there are more sparks outside the firepit than inside, I know my heart is in trouble. This raw form of therapy neither one of us are completely prepared for.

Could this be the universe’s way of intervening pushing us back together? Or Is there really no such thing as a second chance at your first and only love?

need for therapy.jpg

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